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Here, at IIFD, we provide our students with the opportunity to gain an all round, 360 degree learning about event management. Our main aim is to teach them everything that one needs to know while planning or organizing an event. The manager of an event must know everything from the labourer’s job to the caterer’s job. Hence, all round.

We provide a 6 month diploma course wherein we provide them a mixed knowledge of tenting, lighting, catering, advertising, designing and hospitality. All this knowledge is not only given theoretically but also practically on the field.

Our USP here is that we provide our students with individual projects where they do all the work on their own and they handle the event all by themselves. Unlike the rest of the institutes that send them as promoters for various events. Our method helps them in gaining first hand practical knowledge about the subject that they are studying.

We also teach them not only how to be creative in this field but also the science and commerce of planning and organising an event. In this profession, creativity counts, but that is not all it takes. We need to know how things are done so that we can handle anything and everything if it goes wrong.

Once the student has completed the 6 month course, it will be easy for him or her to choose which area they would like to specialise in. Since event management is a very vast subject, there are a number of aspects one can specialise in- corporate events, public events, weddings, marketing through events and a lot more which they will learn about during their 6 month journey.

Students that can be eligible to apply for this course:

  • Must hold class 10 results
  • Should be passionate about events
  • Should have a willingness to learn.

Our course involves theory but more of practicality. What is theory without knowing its practical use?

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